I profiled the Harvard Law School professor Jeannie Suk Gersen in the Chronicle of Higher Education. In 2014, Gersen and 27 of her colleagues signed an open letter to the Boston Globe calling Title IX campus tribunals "so unfair as to be truly shocking."
"I don't think we can accomplish social justice goals by undermining due process." Jeannie Suk Gersen's feminist rebellion
The defense of campus due process in recent years has had few heroes. The / / Bartholet/ Gertner combination fits the bill. Without a doubt the four most important academics on this issue.
"We are giving young people the idea that the unhappiness that they have about their relationships is a matter to be taken up with the authorities.” on Jeannie Suk Gerson and the "bureaucratization of intimate life"
Yes, this!! "She [] shares #MeToo’s goal of ending the impunity surrounding sexual assault. But she remains committed to the principles of due process, presumption of innocence, and the right to a fair hearing."
The Revolt of the Feminist Law Profs - The Chronicle of Higher Education ⁦
I have been eagerly awaiting this profile of and her approach to Title IX issues by .
"gay male student was found responsible for sexual misconduct for waking his partner with a kiss (the sleeping cannot consent) & for looking at his partner’s genitals without consent while showering (consensually) with him. Such cases … are not outliers"
I see how the desire for justice can tempt one to consider suspending due process, but it's an odd irony that this desire seems to increase as the definition of wrongdoing is expanded to contain lesser and lesser offenses. for
Setting this one aside for a close reading. These are four tough, brilliant, courageous women who have taken a stand on principle and I hope they prevail.
The Revolt of the Feminist Law Profs - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"There is now such a stigma attached to people accused of sexual misconduct..anyone who defends legal principles on their behalf risks being mistaken, in the public mind, for a defender of sexual violence." So true via
"The sex bureaucracy pivoted from punishing sexual violence to imposing a normative vision of ideal sex, to which students are held administratively accountable."
., The Revolt of the Feminist Law Profs: Gersen and the fight to save Title IX from itself Quotes , “the number of accused who are men of color is just creepily high”.
Jeannie Suk Gersen and the fight to save Title IX from itself
Just the most recent of the many profiles, intellectual portraits, and interviews has run in the last year. See also: on Jeannie Suk Gersen: ...
I'd been following these arguments in bits and pieces, and this pulled together a lot of the strands. profiles 's work on due process for sexual assault on campus
Brilliant. Required reading for any criminal lawyer. ⁦
It will be tempting to tl;dr this piece. You shouldn’t. It’s excellent. and her HLS colleagues are national treasures.
Kudos to the for publishing this profile of , and even greater kudos to her for her work in this area. #highered #highereducation #TitleIX #rape #campus #sexualassault
The more you read about the way Title IX regulates sex on college campuses and the language they use to convey those guidelines, the clearer it becomes that these accusers are simply acting out in the world what they were taught in school
Finally, on Jeannie Suk Gersen and feminist resistance to title ix by some legal academics
Very grateful for the thoughtful profile of me and my feminist colleagues' work on #TitleIX by
"What had begun as an effort to liberate women from the private tyranny [of men]...had ended by delivering her into the arms of the state, which had empowered itself to preempt her privacy and annul her autonomy." Read on Jeannie Suk Gerson
Wesley Yang profiled me and my colleagues in Chronicle of Higher Education:...
"Students increasingly arrive in class primed to regard speech on sensitive topics as a violation. New rules regarding sexual harassment encompass classroom discussion as itself charged with the potential to inflict trauma." from 1/2
If you get unimaginative consent, you get expelled? "Georgia Southern University explains that “consent is a voluntary, sober, imaginative, enthusiastic, creative, wanted, informed, mutual, honest, and verbal agreement.” via
The Revolt of the Feminist Law Profs - The Chronicle of Higher Education #SAHElaw
If you're frustrated that this article in the is paywalled... ...at least the underlying scholarship is #openaccess in .
I wish this wasn't behind a paywall. It's worth a read if you subscribe or can get someone to send you a PDF. By :
“I don’t think that we can accomplish those social justice goals, including justice for women and equality for women, through a path that undermines due process.”