The El Paso shooter manifesto is the basis for the charge that the killings were inspired by President Trump. That charge has received enormous news coverage. But has anyone actually read the manifesto?
Has anyone actually read the El Paso manifesto?
“*The word "invasion" has been used in connection with illegal immigration since long before the president ran for office.”
Manifesto writer ignored immigration until New Zealand shooter (used conflicting talking points to maximize attention.) Rages about lefty issues like minimum income, oil drilling, college debt; much of "the manifesto simply could not be more un-Trumpian."
“The news media have charged that Trump inspired Crusius to kill. They have charged it so often in the last few days that it has hardened into a general perception that Crusius was inspired by the president. But read the manifesto. It's just not there.”
New: Has anyone actually read the El Paso manifesto?
El Paso killer inspired by Trump? The accusation is based on shooter's manifesto. But most stories quote just snippets, don't give full, accurate picture of what manifesto actually said.
Has anyone actually read the El Paso manifesto?
Still a good bit of discussion about this today: 'Has anyone actually read the El Paso manifesto?'
Good rundown on the El Paso manifesto and the construction of alternate truth. Shooter was deranged, but not in the way the desperate intermediation of the news media portrays -- in many ways, he's their creation.
.⁦⁩ has read it. And you might be interested in his report, especially the part about whether it supports the claim that it echoes Trump.