The IPCC released a special report today about climate change and land use. This is something my colleagues and I have worked on for years, so I wrote a plain English explainer about how land use and agriculture affects climate.
IPCC is finally stressing what we’ve been saying for years: Climate change is not only caused by fossil fuels; it’s also caused by land use. In fact, land use ties electricity as the biggest source of GHGs. And land can be a source of climate solutions.
RT : New #IPCC report out today on land use. (link: ) Below is a link to a summary of it from ’s Dr Jonathan Foley. #SRCCL cc
Can changing our land use and agricultural practices make a dent in addressing #climatechange? Yes, says , , and a new report from . #SRCCL #IPCC
"The single biggest source of greenhouse gases from this sector comes from clearing tropical forests. More attention is needed to conserve and restore them, especially in Brazil and Indonesia." Great primer by before the release 2day
Thoughtful, balanced article on farming and climate change by
"Electricity generation and land use & agriculture are basically equal in terms of their global impact on climate change, yet addressing emissions from electricity gets far more attention/funding" Farming Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis by
“land use and #agriculture are among the biggest contributors to climate change — and can be among the biggest #climate solutions” ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ #futureoffood
The IPCC just released a report on the importance of agriculture in climate change—here's the breakdown courtesy of #sustainabilityinitiatives🌿
“This means that — in theory — improving land use and our food system can dramatically reduce 24% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and potentially remove carbon dioxide beyond that.” Farming Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis by
“Electricity generation and land use & agriculture are basically equal in terms of their global impact on climate change” — 
Land use and agriculture are major contributors to climate change. They can also be a big part of the solution. Read my thoughts on this ahead of the upcoming IPCC report on land use and climate.