Honestly this story from should be getting more attention. The FBI designated white supremacists a "medium threat" while identifying "black identity extremists" a top counterterrorism priority.
FBI docs leaked to me reveal that in 2018, the Bureau targeted "Black Identity Extremists" under a program codenamed "IRON FIST", planning to use undercover agents to infiltrate the group which it considered a top counterterrorism priority. For :
The documents also show that the FBI believed national white supremacy extremist (WSE) group membership would decline
The FBI told & other Senate Dems that it dropped the “Black Identity Extremist” term, but the docs show the new term “RMVE” still includes black extremists which they prioritize above terror groups like Al-Qaeda, per FBI’s new 2020 priorities
revealed leaked FBI documents which show that "Black Identity Extremism" was not only a designation in use as late as 2018, but that a heretofore unknown FBI program—"IRON FIST"—was targeted at gathering intelligence on such groups /2
Leaked FBI Documents Reveal Bureau’s Priorities Under Trump - The fact that FBI thinks so-called black extremists are a bigger threat than white supremacist extremists is UNBELIEVABLE! And perfect example of deep-seated racism.