Forget what you know about the Stanford Prison Experiment, because it's probably not entirely accurate. This preprint "Debunking the Stanford Prison Experiment" is wild.
When I have that judgmental "You really should have known better" feeling about others, I will think of how I used to teach the Stanford Prison Experiment and how exposure of its history revised my beliefs. That class lecture goes to the dustbin.
For anyone looking for an OA link there’s a version of this paper on
Um, this one is––OUTRAGEOUS Countless books reference famous Stanford Prison Experiment (Zimbardo) It has been learned, taught, used to explain roles + authority + abuse of power. New explosive research says: it was basically total BUNK!
Debunking the Stanford Prison Experiment
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Historically, Social Psychology has been trying to find out whether we humans are zombies (e.g. social priming) or *ssholes (Milgram, Zimbardo, etc.). There seems to be accumulating evidence that we are neither.
“Hopefully, the present study will contribute to psychology’s epistemological self-examination, and expose the SPE for what it was: an incredibly flawed study that should have died an early death.”
It really is difficult to convey how much damage Zimbardo appears to have done to my field through wanton disregard of good scientific practice and Truth itself. Pretty damn disgraceful.
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It's an optimistic development that ego depletion theory () and The Stanford Prison Experiment () both failed to replicate, no? I, for one, knew my ego was boundless. 😉