It seems like the radical Left is having its 1st second thoughts about the wisdom of telling 1/2 of humanity that it‘s toxic from birth w/ permanent original sin. I wish I were kidding. Welcome back to the nutty Left. But it wasn’t just .
And from the Guardian (!) too
Finally someone gets it. When you politicize these shootings you play into the perpetrators’ hands by helping divide society
After El Paso and Dayton, the left needs to reach out to men, not condemn them | Iman Amrani
This is good. Guardian columnist accepts that the perception that the left is demonising men is doing a lot of harm and needs to change if the left actually wants to help men.
It's a little pessimistic -- male violence like all violence has declined big time globally since the 1990's -- but this column's conclusion that it should be treated as a public health issue like all other crime rather than demagogued is spot on
Very smart & sober piece by on the need to engage with the question of masculinity & meaning, as well as modern forms of ressentiment, alienation & nihilism that contribute to extremist violence.
“Jordan Peterson’s biggest critics accuse him of being a pseudo-intellectual and dismiss him as an alt-right icon. Yet few on the left offer up well-developed ideas on the crisis of...