The cover essay in the new issue of is by . It is a powerful piece against efforts to legalize prostitution, and an accounting of how very real (and brutal) sex trafficking is.
From the incredible and her latest, "Don't Legalize Prostitution": "'How long have you been doing this?' I ask her. 'Since I was 13.' 'How does it make you feel?' 'Nasty. Just nasty.'"
Thank you for an excellent, serious article on the reality of #prostituion: "Almost none of the loudest voices for “sex-workers’ rights” — nor, of course, the editors at Teen Vogue — are the ones being prostituted."
This is a Pulitzer kind of must-read on the social justice issue that left and right alike are getting wrong.
Absolutely everything writes is terrific. This article is no exception.
This is a masterpiece of incisiveness and empathy. Journalism as it should be.
This cover story, by , is challenging.
In which makes the case that - like indentured servitude - legal prostitution may be formally a free contract, in practice it is far too close to slavery to legalize
Legalizing prostitution would make a grave problem worse. via
Fantastic article by . Gripping and well written, quite apart from the argument.
Since the libertarians are at it again, no prostitution shouldn’t be legalized. provides an excellent counter argument here
This is excellent by in . Her experiences w/ sex trafficking victims in LA is indicative of what we see & hear from trafficking survivors & victims in GA. Prostitution is exploitative & harmful to women. It should never be made legal.
Superb, heartbreaking piece of reporting here by a rising star at National Review, .
This piece will make you angry, and it should. from
Researchers found regarding legal prostitution, “the scale effect outweighs the substitution effect. In other words, there is more sex trafficking in countries with legalized prostitution than in countries where prostitution is prohibited.”
A tour de force by my young colleague at National Review. This piece includes good reporting, keen analysis, and -- crucially -- sympathy, or heart, if you like. Highly recommended.
Great article by . Sex positivism makes the mistake of assuming that the choice afforded to privileged women is the same as the "choice" afforded to all women.