We've shifted our OA fund (that was paying APC's to the tune of about 70-90K per year) to an Open Access Investment Fund - many thanks to our ScholComm Librarian, Ellen Dubinsky, for pushing us in this direction. #fsci
Thank you to the organizers of #OATIP2019 - very interesting. I do wish that there was representation from post-colonial countries, non-research intensive libraries, and libraries that have made choices like ours
"Transitioning expenditures from “pay to read” (traditional licensing agreements) to “pay to publish” (payment of article processing charges) does little to transform the current ecosystem or stem the flow of increasing amounts of money into the system."
Of note, university libraries are waking up to this. for example, has begun re-directing their OA funds towards “investments” rather than covering APC fees.
“Transitioning the UA Library’s Open Publishing Fund away from its previous internal focus toward a more global focus has the potential for much greater impact in changing the landscape of scholarly publication.”