The fact of the matter is that all major publications have retractions, and Quillette is a major publication now. The detractors and trolls are just going to have to suck it up and learn to live with it.
“Should ⁦⁩ have held this piece up to more scrutiny? Of course. Mistakes happen. But why should Quillette be held to a higher standard than Rolling Stone or NYT? ...all major publications have retractions & Quillette is a major publication”
Post-Millenial writes in defense of Quillette
So, and I wrote a piece in support of because retractions and corrections are normal and dunk culture is stupid
" may not have been the birthplace of the so-called Intellectual Dark Web, but it’s been an essential publication for the documenting of free speech concerns and heterodox ideas."
"Quillette made a mistake and then corrected it within a matter of hours. Should Quillette have held this piece up to more scrutiny? Of course.Mistakes happen. But why should Quillette be held to a higher standard than Rolling Stone or The New York Times?"
This is one of few defenses of Quillette that seems to be honest. And by "honest" I mean transparent about what the actual defense really is
No. It’s not. No one reads it. And, so far as influence goes, it’s The Spectator for incels, “race realists,” and Jordan Peterson enthusiasts.