Jeffrey Epstein has turned everyone into a conspiracy theorist. My piece on a very strange Saturday, and why paranoia seems inevitable now
Jeffrey Epstein's death comes at a time when trust in gatekeepers—from media to government—has eroded to the point of making an ‘official story’ almost obsolete, writes
How did we get here? To start, the president himself retweeted a video today suggesting Epstein is dead because he had information on the Clintons via
For excellent perspective on conspiracy theories about Jeffrey Epstein's death, you must read
“It would be easy to treat this frenzied reaction to Epstein’s death as a sad case study in how conspiratorial thinking has bled into mainstream discourse. But finger-wagging feels inadequate at this moment.”
I was hoping we’d get a follow-up on the Epstein conspiracies from MAGAKay Coppins and I was not disappointed
Why Conspiracy Theorists Will Never Believe the ‘Official’ Epstein Story
There's a lot we still don't know about Epstein's death. But it seems clear after today that many people will never accept whatever official story that emerges.
For what it's worth, here's what happened last time I wrote about Epstein (can't wait for the responses this time!)