The largest organization of lawyers in the country is set to vote on a resolution that commits it to urging state legislatures and judges to require defendants accused of sexual assault to prove they obtained "affirmative consent" for each act
In tomorrow's , Stuart Taylor & I on the looming ABA vote on a resolution urging legislatures to import one of the most troubling aspects of the campus TIX debate (affirmative consent) into the criminal law.
From today’s , on the troubling ABA affirmative consent resolution, & lessons from the campus context on why this approach threatens the rights of the accused.
Opinion: Will the ABA Reject Due Process? A Link to ABA Resolution 114 is available here: A link to NACDL's Opposition Statement is available here:
Will the ABA, a leftist activist group masquerading as a trade association, stand up for the rule of law, or promote the currently-fashionable SJW agenda?