Reminder that the administration isn’t only looking to curb illegal immigration. Today’s rule targets legal immigrants.
Breaking News: To curb immigration, the Trump administration will target legal migrants who use public programs, such as food stamps and housing subsidies
This is yet another action by the Trump Administration to restrict legal immigration into our country. Denying people a path to citizenship simply because they depend on public benefits is patently un-American. We will fight back.
This is an attempt to literally starve brown and black people, immigrants who are here legally. The brutality is the point. "The move will have the greatest impact on poor immigrants who are living in the country legally."
For Trump and Stephen Miller, it's not about whether you have papers, it's about whether you're an immigrant. He's trying to stop anyone from entering the southern border & punishing those already here, period.
It's not about legal immigration and it never has been.
The Trump regime is now going after legal immigrants, forcing vulnerable people to choose between eating and remaining in the USA. It's ugly, folks.
"Make no mistake, the abject cruelty of this administration’s immigration agenda is the point of this policy." -- Karen Baynes-Dunning, interim president and CEO of the Southern Poverty Law Center.
This was never just about stamping out illegal immigration. The Trump administration is attacking ALL immigrants to try to redefine who belongs in this country as our demographics change. Hurting most vulnerable among us is a gross tactic in this agenda.
"The move will have the greatest impact on poor immigrants who are living in the country legally and are receiving public benefits...forcing them to make a choice between accepting financial help and living and working in the country legally."
This is just the wrong frame, NY Times. It targets immigrants regardless of whether they are actually using benefits.
The Trump administration will penalize legal immigrants who rely on public programs, such as food stamps and government-subsidized housing, as part of a sweeping new policy to slow legal immigration into the United States
My family relied on WIC for years when I was a kid to make ends meet. The only shame we should be talking about is the fact that we live in a country that guarantees there are people living in poverty, with hunger, without housing, and in fear.
Disregard the NYT spin, the fact is that rich immigrants from poor countries are good immigrants. They pay their taxes, don't suck up welfare, stay out of trouble, and have bright children who later contribute to society. We're lucky to have them.
as put it, "the cruelty is the point"
Another assault on people in need by this heartless, lawless administration. Anti-poor, racist, classist policy tramples rights of immigrants (whose taxes pay for these programs!), esp harms mixed-status fams, ppl w disabilities & public health of all.
NYT story on public charge by & gets gist right, but errs when it says rule "will have greatest impact on poor immigrants who...are RECEIVING public benefits from the government..." The new rule is not as targeted as this implies 1/
More mean-spirited stretching of unilateral presidential power to hurt immigrants at net cost to the nation as a whole. Disgusting.
The man whose immigrant mother dropped out of school, and arrived in the United States without any money or skills, wants to stop people just like his mom from becoming Americans. (If they have darker skin.)
According to the new rule, the United States wants immigrants who can support themselves, not those who “depend on public resources to meet their needs.”
Just as an FYI, the American welfare state is neither expansive or expensive and while one can expect Ken Cuccinelli to lie about this, reporters should take the time to point out that this is a lie
Simple question: When your ancestors came to the U.S., were they wealthy?
Now the Trump administration is going after legal immigrants who use government benefit programs like food stamps and subsidized housing
This latest egregious cruelty makes me viscerally ashamed to be a permanent resident (and likely future citizen) of this country.
Forcing immigrants to choose between the benefits they need to survive and a chance at a green card or citizenship will hurt THOUSANDS of people. This isn’t about protecting taxpayers. It’s about otherizing and punishing immigrants.
My mother arrived in New York with her family in 1948, completely broke. The government put them up in an apartment, and they used welfare until she was well into her teens.
Sounds like a good policy. Similar to the successful Swiss one.
You come here poor. You work hard and succeed. That is the American Dream. Never thought I'd live to see the day when a president opposed something so fundamental to our nation. #ImmigrationPolicy
The Trump administration published the new public charge rule this am in the federal register with this disclaimer: "While some commenters provided support for the rule, the vast majority of commenters opposed the rule.”
USA should be selfish in awarding green cards. Many countries optimize for wealthy to get capital, given our surplus of capital I'd prioritize skills/drive. It also makes sense to admit some refugees and needy. Reasonable ppl can debate right # of each