Now live: Our monthslong project on YouTube radicalization. As YouTube diverts more and more users down far-right rabbitholes, could its algorithm, in a way, radicalize an entire society? To find out, we went to YouTube's 2nd-largest market: Brazil.
I'm starting to think that YouTube should just shut down automated video recommendations. Either recommend videos vetted by human YouTube editors or just show the next video in the same channel.
ICYMI, & I conducted a monthslong investigation into how YouTube radicalized Brazil. What we found was truly shocking. It made me reconsider what I thought I understood about online radicalization
YouTube’s recommendation system now drives 70% of total time on the platform, the company says. And it's “one of the most powerful radicalizing instruments of the 21st century" ()
Lest you think AI is not currently the single greatest threat to human civilization, read this: Global warming is an adorable problem in comparison — at least an order of magnitude less existentially dangerous to mankind.
IMPORTANTE: artigo profundo do examina o esgoto do YouTube, pró-Bolsonaro, e fica chocado com o quão imunda, enganosa e falsa é toda a rede. Mas, como o artigo prova, é o YouTube que ajuda esses canais de mentirosos a prosperar com seu algoritmo
The New York Times publicou uma reportagem e um minidocumentário sobre como o Youtube radicalizou os brasileiros. Agora, Nando Moura e Bernardo Küster não são apenas vergonha no país, mas mundialmente. Não sei se eles compreendem a dimensão disto.
Horrifying: how YouTube is fueling dangerous health misinformation as well as far-right extremism in Brazil
How YouTube Radicalized Brazil - members of the nation’s newly empowered far right say their movement would not have risen so far, so fast, without YouTube’s recommendation engine. New research has found they may be correct, by
I'm not sure this extraordinary NYT report on YouTube's role in radicalizing Brazil and aiding the rise of Bolsonaro got the attention it deserved, so here it is again. It's going to keep happening.
How many exposés of how YouTube is literally breaking the world do we need before they are regulated ffs
This story about YouTube’s power to radicalize, by and , is terrifying.
Aux confrères qui passent un temps significatif à débunker les fake sur Twitter : vous luttez sur un réseau d'entre soi élitiste qui ne touche même pas 1% de la population mondiale. Le combat est ailleurs : You Tube au Brésil, FB en France, Discord aux US
How YouTube radicalized Brazil, diverting users to conspiracy and far-right channels, elevating Bolsonaro's party, and possibly creating a public health crisis (New York Times)
2010: Google's Android czar Andy Rubin on closed computing platforms [read iPhone]: "I just don’t want to live in North Korea." 2019: Open always wins:
this article on the role played in empowering Brazilian extreme right & get Bolsonaro elected is the single most scary thing i have read during my vacation so far (have been reading mostly political science literature so the bar is pretty high)
A matéria do demonstra como os algoritmos supostamente "neutros" do Youtube estão favorecendo canais da extrema direita que espalham desinformação, além de fortalecer o que Debora Diniz nomeia como um "ecossistema de ódio".
Reading this article on shutting down media in Kashmir () with & ’s piece on YouTube & the far Right in Brazil (). The juxtaposition raises numerous ethical dilemmas.
Social media companies are going to destroy the f'ing world.
How YouTube Radicalized Brazil - so it seems that is responsible for the coming destruction of the amazon, and with it today's generally habitable environment. I mean that quite seriously. all to sell a few more ads.
Há 4 meses, o publicou um excelente artigo: "Como o YouTube radicalizou o Brasil." Hoje de manhã, quando escolhi a música para minha meditação matinal, o YouTube me mostrou - sem pedir ou querer - um vídeo de um astrólogo fascista charlatão:
"And in politics, a wave of right-wing YouTube stars ran for office alongside Mr. Bolsonaro, some winning by historic margins. Most still use the platform, governing the world’s fourth-largest democracy through internet-honed trolling and provocation"
YouTube is accelerating toward an era where it's simply becoming TV for much of the world. What's happening in Brazil is happening everywhere
reading this re: youtube
Max Fisher and Manda Tau say there is research that shows a right-wing rabbit hole in Brazil, but the research they site has failed to surface. 🧵
“An Ecosystem of Hate: Eventually, the YouTube conspiracists turned their spotlight on Debora Diniz, a Brazilian women’s rights activist whose abortion advocacy had long made her a target of the far right.”
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Wow: How YouTube Radicalized #Brazil ... And Brought Bolsonaro to the Presidency.
Interesting piece on the contribution of YouTube's algorithm to the rise of Bolsonaro
New York Times - YouTube and radicalizing recommendations by and