Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris’s controversial Ferguson tweets falsely accused a white officer of murdering Michael Brown via
Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris’s Michael Brown tweets really did get the facts wrong.
Vox fact checks false tweets by Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris regarding Michael Brown, whose killer was exonerated by Eric Holder's Department of Justice
Elizabeth Warren & Kamala Harris falsely accused a former police officer of "murdering" Michael Brown. A full DOJ investigation under Obama admin exonerated him & found that "hands up, don't shoot" didn't happen & that Brown tried to steal officer's gun.
You know things are bad...when even Vox is saying Warren and Harris lied about Ferguson. via
"The tweets expose the fine line that Warren, Harris, and others calling attention to police brutality have to walk." It's not such a fine line.
I'm sure some conservatives will scoff at Vox calling the Harris/Warren false claim that Brown was murdered just controversial, but actually headlines like this probably alienate readers less and make the reporting sound less like an op-ed for one side
Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris’s controversial Michael Brown tweets, explained