Bet speaks for majority of women. Caroline Lucas's crackpot proposal
"To argue that the UK should never leave without a withdrawal agreement is to effectively hand the EU a veto over our departure. Those agitating for such a position should be honest enough to admit it." Me, for .
Caroline Lucas's crackpot proposal for an all-female 'Cabinet of national unity' is just another ploy to subvert democracy. Me, for .
Writing for , dismantles a cabinet
"Caroline Lucas’s proposal for a handpicked anti-Brexit “Cabinet of national unity”, with no popular mandate, would be the surest sign yet that the UK had moved from democracy to technocracy." |
"Caroline Lucas's patronising attitude displays an astonishing degree of sexism towards both men and women" |
"Brexit Derangement Syndrome has reached its peak" |
"These self-described ‘progressives’ and ‘centrists’ talk constantly about the need to ‘change our politics’. But real change isn’t what they seek." |
"Lucas is part of that cohort of middle-class liberal and cultural elitists who, having become so used to things going their way over recent times, cannot accept that they are no longer in control" –
"I am constantly amazed at how those such as Lucas who shout loudest about ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusivity’ practise so little of what they preach" |
Why can't middle-class liberal elitists accept that they can't have their way? | on 's attempts to block Brexit
In a competitive field, the call from Caroline Lucas for the creation of an emergency all-female Cabinet must rank as the most demented yet |
Caroline Lucas is staging an attack on democracy |
When it comes to diversity, Caroline Lucas is failing to practise what she preaches |
Caroline Lucas's all-female 'Cabinet of national unity' is just another ploy to ignore the Brexit vote |