73% of the U.S. public say undocumented immigrants currently living in the country are as honest and hardworking as U.S. citizens
What else do the American people support? More judges and more humane conditions.
77% of Republicans say it is important to make it more difficult for asylum seekers to gain legal status, while 79% of Democrats say it is important to make this process easier.
NEW Majorities of Americans say undocumented immigrants in the U.S. are no more likely than citizens to commit serious crimes - and that they mostly fill jobs citizens don't want.
77% of Americans say undocumented immigrants mostly fill the jobs that American citizens don’t want.
When it comes to undocumented immigrants who are currently living in the U.S. illegally, a majority of Americans continue to support a way for them to stay in the country legally. 87% of Democrats and 54% of Republicans hold this view
74% of Americans say it is at least somewhat important to reduce the flow of asylum seekers