Automattic paid peanuts for Tumblr. Source familiar puts it well south of $20 million. Reminder: Yahoo paid $1.1 billion for it.
. bought for $1.1 billion dollars. , the owner of , just bought it for only $3 million. What an unbelievable failure.
I don't understand how one of the most popular websites on the Internet goes from being valued at $1.1 billion to ~$10 million in just six years. I know companies with hardly any users, employees, or assets at all that are worth more than $10 million.
Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion in 2013. Verizon is now selling it for ‘below $10 million’
Tumblr’s sale price to owner of Wordpress is less than $3mn, acc to , which is incredible. Which other Yahoo assets Verizon is willing to hand off (get rid of) for free?
Verizon's desire to sell Tumblr had been previously known, but as of May, Pornhub had been the only bidder to show public interest.
Wordpress bought Tumblr for $3 million today. In 2013, Yahoo! paid over $1 BILLION for Tumblr. Oops!
The $3M acquisition of Tumblr would have been so much more fun if had bought it back
Verizon agrees to sell Tumblr to owner of Wordpress
I think the main takeaway from this story is that porn is worth $1.08B to social media networks.