"Radicalisation"? More like standing up for the European ideal, rejecting nationalism & taking responsibility for their children's future. 
'The Lib Dems’ refusal to countenance joining any kind of government with Corbyn at the helm – even if that could rule out a no-deal Brexit – confirms that remainists are continuing to do politics even as they claim to serve the national interest'
I can’t be the only person who laughed out loud reading this?
Enjoyed this long read on Britains "remainist" movement but I'm sceptical we are witnessing the start of a major social movement (right link this time)
This is so spot on.
“Since Brexit, I’ve learned a huge amount about how the country works – and it’s not very favourable.”
‘Loud, obsessive, tribal’: the radicalisation of remain - good summary of why we will never forgive #brexiters for what they have done to this country and its values, and why we will simply rejoin the EU if johnson takes us out.
This article doesn’t mention fandom, but it should. All the stuff about previously being above the emotions and passions of politics and the sense of purpose and community they have now found. And this section. Should’ve spoken to me about it
‘Loud, obsessive, tribal’: the radicalisation of remain - “Three years in, remainists can’t claim any concrete victories” there in lies the problem!