Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia played referee, scorekeeper and contestant so he could tip the scales in his favor in the 2018 election for governor against , whose voter protection efforts had begun years earlier
"Their numbers are growing, and they are turning out to vote; mobilizing their families, friends and communities; and taking to the streets." - and our grantee on the growing political power of women of color in
Women of color, especially Black women, are potent forces in progressive politics, both in office and as organizers who mobilize voters. The right recognizes their political power. The left takes them for granted & this is a mistake.
2/ ... Abrams' claim rests largely on a specific assertion. In her "non-concession" speech last fall, Abrams noted that her opponent now-Gov. Brian Kemp, because during his tenure as secretary of state, she observed, “more than a million...
Why Trump fears women of colour Taeku Lee and EunSook Lee in