I love the idea of moderating a presidential debate 👍
I would like to see host the presidential debates Apparently nearly 50k others agree
There is a petition for to host a 2020 presidential debate. He and I do not agree on many things but I appreciate his perspective on every issue. One of the few free thinkers left in the media.
The petition for Joe Rogan to moderate the presidential debates is approaching 200k signatures. The people want to see a moderator, to not only ask the tough questions, but hold the candidates accountable for answering them.
When I tweeted that should host a presidential debate I had no idea there was already a petition asking for just this. There IS! Anyone who doesn't think Joe would be an improvement over what we've had so far is crazy.
Joe Rogan inspires more trust than anyone working in the national media.
It would be awesome...Petition · Get ⁦⁩ to Moderate the 2020 Presidential Debate ·
Commission on Presidential Debates: Get to Moderate the 2020 Presidential Election - Sign the Petition! via