And the purpose of imposing the full tariffs Dec. 15 is ??? Trump’s China trade policy is now just a series of ill-considered lurches with no goal in sight. Sad. via ⁦
Breaking News: Facing pressure from U.S. businesses, the White House is delaying tariffs on Chinese-made consumer electronics and some other goods until December
About $112 billion of Chinese goods will be hit with the 10% levy on September 1. Another $160 billion in goods will be subject to the tariff as of December 15, estimates.
Trump delays some of his #tariffs until Dec 15th Whoppee. His "early Christmas present" is to only punch Americans in the face instead of also kicking them in the crotch. Impact of China on West:
not to state the obvious, but given that can manipulate a stock 20 points via an unhinged tweet, is he just fucking with american businesses for his own personal gain? i'd suspect so. anything about trump that suggests he wouldn't?