First there was all out censorship. Then warnings. Finally in recent weeks China has waged a full-blown disinformation campaign against the HK protesters. It’s a reminder the world’s most powerful online manipulation has its capital in Beijing, not Moscow.
China is waging a full-scale disinformation war against the protesters Hong Kong that puts Moscow's deep-fake masters to shame. Excellent story:
While Russia’s efforts to manipulate politics globally with fake news have raised alarms in the United States and Europe, China’s information campaign has received less attention, mostly because it has been aimed at its own people
Disinformation campaigns go mainstream in HK.
NYT: "The Communist Party exerts overwhelming control over media content inside China’s so-called Great Firewall, and it is now using it as a cudgel in an information war over the protests that have convulsed Hong Kong for months."
China Is Waging a Disinformation War Against Protesters and Social Media is One of the Main Battleground
China is a ruthless totalitarian state. I don’t understand why academics aren’t more consistently vocal about this, particularly those who regularly travel to and teach in China. via ⁦
China Is Waging a Disinformation War Against Hong Kong Protesters
While this is partially true, the western news coverage has been very biased as well
“China Is Waging a Disinformation War Against Hong Kong Protesters”