Breaking News: A coalition of states sued to block the Trump administration from weakening Obama-era restrictions on coal-burning power plants
The EPA has a well-established responsibility to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act. Yet, they’re making it easier and easier for fossil fuel companies to pollute the air we breathe. So, we’re suing.
States sue E.P.A. over weakened power plant regulation: “It would have a devastating effect on the ability of future administrations to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.”
SCOOP: A coalition of 29 states and cities sues the Trump administration to prevent it from weakening restrictions on coal-burning plants, which of course are major climate-change culprits. By
22 states and 7 cities have sued to try to stop the Trump admin from stripping away climate and health protections by weakening limits on carbon pollution from coal-burning power plants. by
Breaking: States Sue Trump Administration Over Rollback of Obama-Era Climate Rule