over 5 months I talked to 47 current/ex Google employees 2 make sense of the past 3 yrs inside Google: fear of the far right, activist awakening, compromises in search of revenue, weaponized leaks it's the WIRED cover story‼️ read the heck out of it (pls)
One of the biggest, and best, stories in tech the last three years has been the internal mayhem at Google. dug in deep and has written a mesmerizing, detailed account of what’s gone down.
Oh wow. This tick tock of Google’s last three years has something for everyone. What a read from !
This cover story by is well worth your time. I really think many people at Google really are trying, but The Company has other priorities. If you're in tech, much of this will ring familiar.
Three Years of Misery Inside Google, the Happiest Company in Tech.
The implicit deal used to be “keep your disagreements within the family”, but inside/outside activists have started collaborating to pressure Google on immigration, defense contracts, etc. Being accountable only to people you can fire isn't enough.
Three years of misery inside Google, the happiest company in tech. How the company nurtured a culture of dissent right up until the point that it boiled over into public view — at which point the company began assiduously buttoning up
Are Google employees at war with each other? - Wired #google