"In large part, the Liberal strategy has played on the language slippage that now marks all forms of political dialogue on social media: To be conservative, even slightly so, is to be right wing. To be right wing is to be alt-right"
Smear Andrew Scheer and Conservatives as racists and bigots. That was the strategy. Now Trudeau sees his brutal acts of racism as a "teachable moment" for all Canadians. What a farce the Liberal Party has become under Trudeau and Gerald Butts. #cdnpoli
Trudeau and his strategists have exploited the very serious problem of right wing extremism and used it in bad faith to both label and attack Canadian Conservatives. My article for . #cdnpoli
"By this sort of [Liberal] rhetorical daisy chain can the laziest slur against any Canadian conservative be grossed up into the suggestion that we are on the verge of some kind of nationwide Kristallnacht."
This piece was posted at a few days ago. But i'm guessing it will remain highly relevant in coming weeks, as Libs attempt to divert from the ongoing SNC Lavalin scandal by claiming their critics have a sinister right-wing agenda
Having run this piece on the deranged effort by leftist politicians & media to portray as white-supremacist-adjacent, I'd like to acknowledge that this canadian political derangement works in both directions (1/2)...
This piece is very good, and not only nails the language slippage that's happening in Canadian politics, but in universities here as well. 👇