First Maduro ran Venezuela’s economy into the ground, leaving his people hungry & hopeless. Now he’s torturing members of his own military. This is what a desperate, disgusting dictator does to stay in power. This is why we support a free Venezuela.
President Nicolás Maduro is torturing and jailing members of his own armed forces in an effort to retain control of them — and Venezuela
Hoping Brazil and Columbia lead on removing Maduro and his Cuban thugs. The violence is increasing and refugees number 4 million.
I pray it happens soon. 4 million refugees and now the reports on torture/execution of political opponents by Madurai and his Cuban thugs. I assume you and every decent American would applaud the end of this regime.
., you have a choice to make. Defend your fellow soldiers & countrymen in the face of torture & abuse at the hands of the dictator Maduro. Or, you will be remembered for being complicit in these actions, betraying your constitutional oath.
This is horrifying. (And downright creepy. Was just reading about Stalin's purge of the Red Army last week.)
This is fine... Venezuela’s Maduro Cracks Down on His Own Military in Bid to Retain Power
#Venezuela’s Maduro Cracks Down with #torture and #killing of His Own Military in Bid to Retain Power