"You cannot die of an overdose of [psychedelics], they cause no physical damage to bodily organs, they are not addictive, and they do not seem to attend any net deterioration in mental health in a population of users (they perhaps attend an improvement)."
Great new piece from on the inconsistency of drug law enforcement, which ignores all available evidence on the relative & absolute harm that particular substances cause
"No matter how many variations in weighting procedures were used by these scientists, alcohol always came out as significantly more harmful than marijuana, and staggeringly more harmful than LSD and magic mushrooms."
New piece by me in analysing the arguments currently used to defend the status quo in drug scheduling, especially in regards to cannabis and psychedelics🌱🍄
We have misunderstood drug harm: “While it’s probably not a large surprise to many that marijuana isn’t considered as harmful as alcohol, the nearly non-existent harm score attributed to the psychedelics LSD and magic mushrooms is an eyebrow raiser.”
Rationalizing Modern Drug Prejudices - Quillette