I'm glad the original cuts didn't occur, but consider how deeply a fucked-up place we're in when a public university system has to engage in this type of performative gratitude for losing "only" $70MM over the next 3 years,. via
Faced with growing outrage over his steep cuts to the state university system, Alaska’s governor agreed to reduce the cuts from $135 million to $70 million. They’ll also be spread over three years instead of one
The plan will provide “a clear and gradual multiyear glide path to achieve budget stability,” said the system’s board chair.
Update. "Faced with growing outrage over budget cuts that threatened to permanently weaken the U of Alaska system, Gov. Michael J. Dunleavy...agreed with the university to reduce the cuts from $135m to $70m and to spread them out over three years."
Amid Backlash, Alaska Governor Relents on Draconian Cuts for University System #academia #alaska