Someone needs to remind the Potus & sec of state that diplomacy is a tool of national security-and that ignoring it will bring about a world of diminished US influence, greater conflict, less freedom and prosperity, and increased demands on the US military
NEW: Trump stays on the sidelines as crises erupt across Asia: Kashmir, Hong Kong, North Korea missile tests, Japan vs. South Korea. He is sticking to “America First” isolationism — and speeding the twilight of American power, critics say.
“As violence escalates and old animosities are rekindled across Asia, Washington has chosen inaction, and governments are ignoring the Trump administration’s mild admonitions and calls for calm.” Sharp analysis by via
“The Trump administration has taken a hands-off approach to conflicts — from Kashmir to Hong Kong to the rivalry between Japan and South Korea — as Asian officials escalate the battles.”
“The inability or unwillingness of Washington to help defuse the flash points (in Asia) is one of the clearest signs yet of the erosion of American power and global influence under Mr. Trump” ⁦ via
Donald Trump has irreparably damaged America’s standing in the global community. If we want to be the greatest nation in the world, we need to start acting like it.
China's facing an internal rebellion and that shows the "Waning of American Power"? Trump is supposed to "manage" the situation? Did GHW Bush "manage" Tiananmen Square? (Or maybe the prefers the way Obama "managed" Arab Spring?)
NYT unwittingly articulates a core reason why many in the "natsec" world hate Trump: they think he's a manifestation of the "erosion of American power and global influence" (i.e., they're upset that the US can't single-handedly dictate world affairs)
Is the world worse off with a less influential US govt? Consider the global impact of Bush's War in Iraq, of neoliberalism, climate change denial, regime change, etc. Yes, the US once did more good work. But imagine a more influential Trump administration.