New from me at : What's the real story behind the "napping while black" scandal at Yale? And what are its real lessons? I've been working on this story since May. Very excited that it's finally up.
Fascinating deep dive on the "napping while black" incident at Yale by . Braasch's version of events probably isn't the Objective Truth, either, but there was clearly a lot going on here that went overlooked in search of easy outrage.
This is in the running for the best thing we've ever published at The Bulwark. Read the whole thing.
1/ I'm a month late to it, but did a very good job looking into the "sleeping while black" story from Yale. Turns out -- are you sitting down? -- that things are more complicated than the initial outrage-wave would have had you believe.
Good on for doing the leg work to find out what really happened during the “napping while black” episode. It’s way more complex (and interesting) than the narrative most people believe.
With the discussion of 's battle with #Yale over the police cam footage from the "napping while black" incident, re-upping my article delving into that story
Finally read this thoughtful piece by about the Yale “napping while black” incident. It provides a full and humane picture of and reminds me that decontextualization is the intellectual malaise of our time.
. tracks down the Yale grad student pilloried for calling the campus cops on a fellow student of color napping in a dormitory. Worth hearing her side of the story.
Also ICYMI, I delved deeper into the Sarah Braasch story & the "napping while black" Yale incident here.
Some sad genetics of mental illness and imprecision of diagnosis here. Parents exhibit symptoms (belief in actual demons) but subclinical/undiagnosed, while next generation has a diagnosis of schizophrenia and a completed suicide.
A good piece on the Yale “sleeping while black” case that hints at a larger concern: when private people are allowed to be publicly shamed for irregular public interactions, a good chunk of them will turn out to be mentally ill
Great piece from --> What we can learn from how Yale handled Sarah Braasch and the “napping while black” incident. via
I'm going to take a twitter break. I know that I just have to stay strong & calm. But, here's 's great article on & their fantastic podcast on the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax .
Hi , thought you'd find this interesting. You're mentioned herein near the end. :) And there's a discussion of the failure of intersectionality that I think is up your alley.
Since #SarahBraasch is in the news with the hearing on the police footage from the "napping while black" incident, re-upping the in-depth feature I did on that story back in August for
What are your thoughts on how Yale handled accusations against Sarah Braasch in the “napping while black” case? Do you agree with Shelly Kagan that Sarah “got a terrible rap”? Doesn’t this case say something about current climate on campus?
This ⁦⁩ piece is the sort of careful approach to fraught controversies that would spare a lot of people needless pain if adopted more widely
Yale's Lolade Siyonbola ("napping while black") comes off as ableist and scornful of people with mental health problems. Mocking someone as needing to be institutionalized is not #WokeAF. She's headed to . Amazing story by
why does everyone at a nice college seem to have a panic disorder? what's in the water?
I can never resist being called great 😎 Voila!
Standing Up to the Moral Outrage Industry - The Bulwark
8. "Standing Up to the Moral Outrage Industry," The Bulwark, August 14, 2019 In-depth investigation of the "napping while black" incident at Yale and the scapegoating of Sarah Braasch.
When imagined grievances are elevated above verifiable facts, injustices become inevitable. This well-balanced article tells the story of one of them. Via Yale's own .
Outrage stories like the Yale “napping while black” kerfuffle require special care and was particularly deft in this deep dive.
Cathy Young wrote a comprehensive article abouth Sarah Braasch.
Also, my in-depth feature on the Sarah Braasch story: What really happened in the "napping while black" case at Yale?
Standing Up to the Moral Outrage Industry via
So adds much needed muance and detail to a story which well, read it all...