Very dangerous language from #BorisJohnson. To label people, MPs as collaborators with a foreign power is another step towards creating a context for authoritarian rule. Not far from there to collaborators are treasonous & to be subject to arbitrary arrest
This is Mr Johnson playing divisive politics. There is no hope of bringing the country together with this kind of language or these tactics. We need to find ways to rebuild good faith – but do we have the time?
BoJo/DC are reading from a game theory script, while ignoring every credible game theory scenario giving EU advantage. And that’s before considering no backstop worse for EU than no deal as open border.
"There’s a terrible collaboration, as it were, going on between people who think they can block Brexit in parliament and our European friends" accusing his opponents of collaboration. because that's where we are now on the fascist roadmap.
"IT'S ALL EVERYONE ELSE'S FAULT EXCEPT ME ME ME ME" Boris 'yes I originally backed remain' de Pfeffel Johnson
Johnson accuses MPs and EU of 'terrible collaboration' over Brexit - oh, "collaboration" - like WW2 collaborators, you mean - traitors that should be executed...?
the state of him
“Johnson accuses MPs and EU of 'terrible collaboration' over Brexit” 'Collaboration'? Does he know the association that has in Europe? Is he trying to call every anti-Brexiter a nazi? Whose hearts and minds is he aiming to win over?