It's no accident that our criminal legal system maintains the racial caste system. It was literally designed to do so.
Bryan Stevenson on the history of prisons and punishment.
If you read one article today make it this one by Bryan Stevenson “Central to understanding mass incarceration is the legacy of slavery.” #1619Project
We are "not truly free from the burden of living in a nation that continues to deny and doubt this legacy, and how much work remains to be done."–#MacFellow Bryan Stevenson of
For the exact same crimes, Black Americans are more likely than whites to be arrested, charged, wrongfully convicted, and given harsher sentences. The evidence is clear that there are structural race problems in the criminal justice system. #1619Project
Indeed: "we are at one of those critical moments in American history when we will either double down on romanticizing our past or accept that there is something better waiting for us." - Bryan Stevenson
‘Slavery gave America a fear of black people and a taste for violent punishment. Both still define our criminal-justice’ system. via ⁦
Title seems a little incendiary, but it's a good read. Interesting account