Brilliant piece by on the proslavery, racist, antidemocratic origins of conservatism in on #1619Project with a much appreciated shout out to my The Counterrevolution of Slavery Read it #twitterstorians
Two parts of the impressive new 1619 project that look like worthwhile reads: "America Wasn’t a Democracy, Until Black Americans Made It One" by "The Undemocratic Impulses of American Democracy" by
1. You could spend all day on the slanted & misleading history in this column why Mitch McConnell is...the new John C. Calhoun? To start with, search the column for mention of Harry Reid, Robert Byrd, or Lyndon Johnson. You won't find them.
"He was an astute politician, but he made his most important mark as a theoretician of reaction: a man who, realizing that democracy could not protect slavery in perpetuity, set out to limit democracy.”
I didn’t see the author’s name for this piece at first, but knew, based on the title, the one person for the job: JAMELLE.DADGUM.BOUIE. #1619Project What the Reactionary Politics of 2019 Owe to the Politics of Slavery
Extremely illuminating essay by about the Republican Party’s efforts to secure political power for “real Americans” against a growing tide of non-white voters, and how that ideology traces back to slavery and John C. Calhoun.
1. One last thread before the weekend. First, stop what you're doing & read this superb essay in
But not in The 1619 Project. Of course, NYT can write what it wants. But this isn't history. It's an elaborately-produced op-ed. 5/5 End.
Astonishingly, NYT 1619 Project cites Wisconsin GOP legislators as obstructionist in 2018, when just 7 years earlier, Wisconsin Democrats *fled the state* to obstruct GOP governor, legislative majority. Obstruction is a two-way street. 4/5
We must make thoughtful and informed choices to fight white supremacy in every place it exists–especially in our current political landscape.
Minority rules: Smart piece on John C. Calhoun’s enduring legacy in GOP politics by .
John C Calhoun was one of the most vile people in American history who used his intellect to justify the subjugation of African Americans, and whose arguments still influence politics to this day
What the Reactionary Politics of 2019 Owe to the Politics of Slavery
Conservatives may not be aware, but at some level they know: Their "methods of action" ... "are clearly downstream of a style of extreme political combat that came to fruition in the defense of human bondage." Thx #1619