“Given that so many female scholars drop out, they often become overqualified research assistants for their partners, which may be a reason why married men actually publish more than single men or women and achieve tenure faster.”
Men in my academic circles: read this please? Then pass it on to the men in your academic circles. We desperately need your allyship and step 1 is doing the labour of educating yourselves and one another. via
My essay on academic sexism in has just hopped the paywall. I hope you like it, let me know what you think. #Feminism #sexism #theacademyisdoomed
Depressing roundup of studies on gender inequality in academia: Mothers with young children were 35 percent less likely to get tenure-track jobs than fathers of young children. | n+1
Brilliant, infuriating, evidence-based overview of global academic sexism, with some surprising recommendations for remedy. A must-read. via
"The problems of misogynist PIs and tepid reference letters may stem from the same root: the widespread assumption that only men can be brilliant." I truly feel there is no myth more destructive to science than that of the "scientist as genius".
Read this whole thing. Every goddam, painfully familiar word. #twitterstorians #WomenAlsoKnow via
"the more a field valued giftedness, the fewer the female PhDs. Philosophy is nearly off the charts in this regard. Yet not only do men not seem to believe in the possibility of female genius, they seem to doubt female competence." via
I've been putting off reading this (for a variety of reasons), but it's raining and gloomy out today (just the way I like it). This is...a lot. I found it both comforting and infuriating. (1/4)
A comprehensive and sobering article, amply referenced.
I am really fucking smart, and I’m so damn tired. Reading this brought me to tears because it is the narrative of my subconscious most of my life. Male friends and colleagues, esp those in academia, please read this. via
"Not only do men not seem to believe in the possibility of female genius, they seem to doubt female competence. Such an attitude is not only demeaning, it also leads to the theft of women’s time." (PHEW. Was this ever an exhausting read.)
“There are still 2 tenured men for every tenured woman, a ratio that increases with institutional prestige. the share of female full profs as proportion of all female faculty remains stuck in the single digits increasing only modestly since early 1990s”
Pretty definitive (and depressing) account here of “Sexism in the Academy”
required reading and yes it’ll be on the exam
“The widespread expectation held by boys and men is that only boys and men can be brilliant” A long, deeply frustrating, but very important read on sexism in the academy
So much to unpack in this piece, including: "In philosophy as in other disciplines, men have proven stubbornly reluctant to cite the work of their female colleagues" 😑 Cite women. Invite women. Nominate women.
on academic patriarchy. a bleak, vital, robustly referenced dissection by .
“The proportion of black women among tenured female faculty has actually fallen since 1993.” Serving on T&P? Searches? Dept Chair? Dean/Admin slots? This article is a *must read* on the many roots that prevent female academic success. via
'“As predicted,” noted Sarah-Jane Leslie and her coauthors in a recent article in Science, “the more a field valued giftedness, the fewer the female PhDs.”' I wonder if some of the gender imbalance in GFD can be traced to this, as in math/physics.
"In academia as outside it, female students tend not to receive their fair share of encouragement, and often they are confronted with outright skepticism about their abilities." #academia #sexism
Sunday morning is usually the time for relaxing readings and slow-paced breakfasts. Today, the not-so relaxing reading is sexism in academia. #phdlife #phdchat #AcademicTwitter #womeninscience #academia #WomenInSTEM 1/15
This is a brilliant article, eloquently pulling together many threads to this problem and offering solutions. Many of these points apply to diversity beyond gender too. Please spread widely, and take action where you can.
“Academic patriarchy is too well entrenched & vicious to be defeated by piecemeal reform. Academic feminism needs a Cerberus-headed politics combining a social movement, activist scholarship, & new radical bureaucratic structures”. 🔥🌪💥at
Sexism in the Academy | Issue 34 | n+1
And I read this #mustread on Sexism in the Academy regularly - it has much discussion & a thorough review of gendered publication and citation practices #WomenInSTEM
this concludes our tour of academic sexism in the form of Taylor Swift lyrics. please see this for a longer exposition
A very thoughtful, well researched discussion of sexism in the academic world
Excellent review of how patriarchal practices push women out of the academy (and what can be done about it)
Hey, #soctwitter, Letter of Recommendation Season is here. Ask yourself if your tenure letters for female colleagues, or your job recs for female grad students, use words like "competent" and "nice" and while for the men . . . 1/X via
Done with #sexism and #racism in academic #STEM. Done with being #inferior. Done with white man #gaslighting #misogyny bullshit.
If you have been scrolling past this in your feed, I encourage you to stop and read it. There may not be much new or surprising here but it's sobering to read it all in one place. These are not problems for women in science, they are problems for science.
"A male scholar is nearly twice as likely to cite his previous work than a female peer is to cite her own."
Women still face sexism in the academy from the undergraduate level through chairships
Cite women and call this out when we have power to do so. In study sections, hiring panels, etc. Remind committees that women are facing a bias in reviewer comments, scores, evaluations. Fight for women. Know the evidence on bias and call it out!
“More insidious are banal sexist practices that reinforce one another to compose a vast ramshackle machinery that elevates men to the pinnacle of the ivory tower” Time for the gloves to come off via
Wow. This is making the rounds and I can see why. 'The quotidian machinery of patriarchy functions as a complex of many moving parts' & this piece methodically lays them bare. Had a few thoughts here... via
Definitely worth reading. I was aware of many of these issues, but there were some I was not aware of previously and need to keep them in mind. You may think you are doing a good job, but there is always more you could be doing. “Sexism in the Academy.”
“Instead of looking to Scandinavia as a model — for that model has failed — one should look to 20th-century Turkey for lessons on how to strengthen women’s role in the academy.”
This is really damning & a must-read.
An extensive review of sexism in academia. Thoroughly referenced. Should be mandatory reading for male academics.