A really first-rate critical review of the recent "democracy in crisis" literature by Shany Mor
“What the books have in common... is a common confusion over what democracy actually is.” A survey of the democracy-in-crisis genre, via ⁦⁩ and ⁦
Some think democracy is having a midlife crisis. New books suggest we don’t even know what democracy is.
A wave of recent books warning about a ‘crisis of democracy’ reveals that even our experts are confused about how democracies actually work via
This is a great read. Top marks to Tablet
Now I'm no longer stranded in the French countryside with flaky internet, I get to do a #FF again. Today's is , who has written the best review-essay on the so-called "crisis of democracy" I've ever read. It's here, btw
#Books: this is a very interesting article, and also a good review of "The People vs. Democracy" by Yascha Mounk.