People who convinced the public that prisons are full of pot smokers have a lot to answer for - they gave a lot of people an easy way to "oppose mass incarceration" while in fact doing nothing to stop it.
“Drug crime is not what’s driving the high prison population in the United States. It’s crimes of violence.”
"If we freed everyone in prison tomorrow except that 25 percent who are there for murder, manslaughter or sexual assault, we’d still have an incarceration rate higher than that of almost every European country." An honest liberal
Credit with consistently challenging the myth that mass incarceration is driven by drug crime. It isn't - most people in prison are there for crimes of violence.
My latest, in , on the on-going refusal of Democrats running for President to talk about changing how we punish violence, and why doing so is both good policy and essential for any effort to really decarcerate.