"A short-term Jeremy Corbyn government is less damaging than the generational damage that would be caused by a no-deal Brexit" Conservative Guto Bebb says MPs opposed to leaving the EU without a deal must take the Labour leader's #Brexit plan seriously
Ken Clarke or Harriet Harman should lead an emergency government to stop no deal, suggests Lib Dem leader She says the job requires "a long-serving MP, respected on both sides of the House... not seeking to lead a government in the long-term"
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn urges opposition parties to support his plan to lead a caretaker government, saying he would delay #Brexit and call a general election so "the people of this country can decide their future"
"(Jeremy Corbyn) doesn't command support right across the House of Commons, and he has not been much use, frankly, on the issue of Brexit" Lib Dems' Jo Swinson dismisses Labour leader's call to install him as head of caretaker government to stop no deal
A time-limited caretaker gov led by Corbyn to stop No Deal and arrange a General Election? Not my first choice, but shouldn't be rejected out of hand. Priority is to stop Johnson wrecking the economy & trampling on democracy