"This is the planned structure for The We Company after its IPO, as it appears in its S-1 form. I’d try to explain it, but I don’t understand what the fuck is happening"
as your strategic thot partner, I will walk you through the amazing WeWork IPO filing
The more I think about it the more the recent wave of IPOs feels like a giant scam, designed to unload overvalued private companies on pensions and 401k’s, letting the founders and initial VC investors cash out before everything crashes.
A close reading of the S-1 of the soap opera that is The We Company, a "tech company" whose mission "is to elevate the world's consciousness" ( / The Verge)
I don’t know, friends. I just don’t know. I have never seen anything like this, and I cannot wait to see what the SEC has to say about loaning your founder, CEO, and controlling shareholder money while also paying him rent.
Several members of the business and tech press have kinda suggested that WeWork may be another Theranos. Here's an example
Just another episode of Silicon Valley. “WeWork isn't a tech company; it's a soap opera” h/t
WeWork isn’t a tech company; it’s a soap opera