Please stop blaming people with mental illness for mass shootings in the US. They don't deserve to be the scapegoat for this problem. Less than 4% of violent crimes in the US are caused by people with mental illness.
Stop blaming mental illness: "mental illnesses are responsible for less than 4% of all violent crimes in the United States, and less than a third of people who commit mass shootings are diagnosably mentally ill"
Well said, restated the dual failures of refusing to research the causes of mass shooting and choosing to blame people with mental illness. Both must stop if progress is to be made. Stop blaming mental illness
When speaks to and members of Congress #mentalhealth #openaccess #ThisIsOurLane
Read this. Stop blaming mental illness | Science
Stop blaming mental illness | Read this great piece by Alan Leshner, former director of ⁦⁩ and member of ⁦⁩ & ⁦⁩ let’s stop scapegoating people who suffer from mental illness!