An important case for academic librarians, or anyone with an interest in open access, to follow.
"Cengage and McGraw-Hill’s proposed merger is a step toward forming a monopoly over higher education data." #highered
"49-page brief argues that the merger would hurt competition, limit innovation and could lead to an eventual 'platform monopoly' in education, just as Facebook dominates social networking" coverage of our filing on the Cengage/McGraw-Hill merger
Also can we just reflect that the Monopoly "Community Chest" card for inheriting $100 can buy a Rolls-Royce, world tour, or yacht. These days it can't even buy a calculus textbook.
Great article on 's filing against the Cengage/McGraw-Hill merger in . Cover image game strong. 🧐
Advocacy Group to DOJ: Cengage McGraw Hill Merger Could Create a ‘Platform Monopoly’ in Education #edtech via
Advocacy Group to DOJ: Cengage-McGraw Hill Merger Could Create a 'Platform Monopoly' in Education | EdSurge News via