I wrote about yesterday’s Israel news
"In his craven attempt to cozy up to the most powerful American of the moment, the Israeli prime minister is actively separating his country from so many more." [email protected], pulling no punches, and getting the order of blame right (starting with Trump)
No question about it, gets it. Why Israel lost this week. And easily could have won.
Benjamin Netanyahu's capitulation to a Tweet made Donald Trump & his nemeses Omar & Tlaib big winners, argues in trenchant column. Who lost? American Jews, the Democratic Party, but most of all: The Jewish state.
Even if you put the issue of Israel’s values to the side, from a purely strategic perspective, this was a disaster, writes
King Bibi Bows Before a Tweet I'd add evangelicals are losers too. They've glued themselves to American Jewry on Israel but it is obvious their loyalties to Trump crowd out or impair view of what's good for Israel. They celebrate a move that hurts Israel.
The Omar/Tlaib trip “was, according to the Israeli government, being underwritten by Miftah, an organization that has proudly praised female suicide bombers and pushed the medieval blood libel.”
The great Bari Weiss provides much wisdom in her assessment of why the Israeli decision - or Bibi's decision- is so bad for Israel and the US. Support for Israel must be bi-partisan