WELLS FARGO has another problem: It’s telling customers it will close their bank accounts, then actually keeping them open long afterward, allowing debits to go out and overdraft fees to accumulate. The unwitting folks end up owing hundreds or thousands
Wells Fargo forced Xavier to close out his accounts, yet he was still hit with over $1,000 worth of overdraft fees. It’s not right. I’ve been fighting for years to hold Wells Fargo accountable, and I’m not going to stop until they clean up their act.
Exclusive: has found a new way to rip off customers. This time it involves telling them their accounts are closed, refusing to let them move money, then piling on the fees. Employees protested. The practice continued. by
Does Wells Fargo even know how to make money without committing fraud? Shut it down. Fumigate. Start over.
Wells Fargo has a "computer glitch" where some closed accounts are still wracking up fees. People keep asking when the Fed will lift $WFC's asset cap. They should ask: When will Wells Fargo fix problems? via
The business model of Wells Fargo is fraud. Yet how many people at Wells Fargo are going to jail? Zero. But if you smoke marijuana in this country, you get a criminal record. That is unacceptable.
If only we had something - an agency, a bureau - given the regulatory authority to protect the consumers of financial products...
I guess banks can make mistakes that not only charge you fees but screw up your chance of getting bank accounts anywhere else. Cool!