I'm launching a new think tank - one that can provide badly needed new ideas and new voices - but I need some help to get it off the ground. Please support and share! Thank you!
I've pledged my support for this great project – have you? Check it out
Only two days left - help me burst the Westminster bubble!
This looks interesting & needed A new think tank for a new political era.... Launched by
Final week of my crowdfunder to launch a new think tank. Every day shows that puncturing the Westminster bubble is more vital than ever. If you've not donated yet, please do - and please share! Thank you!
Only four days left! If you haven’t supported my plan for a new think tank yet, now’s your chance. Bursting the Westminster bubble is long overdue.
Politics has changed. But we've still got the the same people recycling the same narrow set of ideas. Donate now to help change this - hoping to get to £1000 by the end of today!