Hereโ€™s the story of a college that deeply internalized a similar oppression narrative of history
Tripping out on the Complete Evergreen story -- which is insane. Good work by who attended the university. He documented the whole thing.
P.S. The most exhaustive chronicling of the Evergreen Meltdown (from long before the riots, up to the present state of affairs) is being done by TESC grad . He is midway through a full series. It is well worth subscribing to and watching
If you have not recently watched โ€™s series on what happened at Evergreen State College, you should. The parallels between it and what we see happening on the broader scale now are frightening
I'm closing in on 40,000 YouTube subscribers! If you'd like to help me get to that landmark by the end of the yearโ€”and devastate an idealist in the processโ€”consider sharing my ongoing documentary about the Evergreen State College Protests
Racial tensions. Protest. Weak leadership & narcissistic rage. "Anti-racism." Struggle sessions. Censorship & cancelation. Watch the dress rehearsal for 2020 that happened three years ago, on a campus in the woods
I just finished watching โ€™s complete series on . Itโ€™s wonderfully done and brutal to watch. That said, I canโ€™t recommend it highly enough, especially for people with stewardship over institutions besieged by the Woke Mob
I don't know if you guys are following 's series on the absolutely collective first world problems meltdown that happened at Evergreen State College in 2017, but you guys definitely should
When it is in fact indoctrination. When it corrodes community trust. When it unduly marginalizes the socially anxious or inept. When it heavily polices language, thought, and behavior. If youโ€™d like to know more, hereโ€™s a deep dive
๐Ÿ“บHere's 's (still ongoing, so please #Subscribe to his #YouTube channel) #playlist on "The Complete #Evergreen Story" (thus far): ...because you haven't heard the whole story, even if you heard the truth.
Having lived in a Peak Woke environment for several years (link), I have *many* reasons to be against itโ€”beyond my age. Wokeness is among the most regressive movements of the modern era. To be against it *is* progressive. And donโ€™t take my word for it
Worthy long watch, for in-depth/detail how SJW Administration can progressively replace traditional purpose in higher learning (for truth in knowledge) with Political-Correctional DIE morality: โ€œThe Evergreen Storyโ€ in 18 parts (2019-20)
Benjamin's deep dive
The Complete Evergreen Story: everything you wanted to know about the most sensational college protest ever to be live-streamed, but were unable to find in one place.
Feel free to watch if you're hankering for a forensic reconstruction of an Absurdist's version of a Race War
There was no โ€œriotโ€. There was a single, two minute scuffle over a pocket knife, and someone got assaulted by a flung can of silly string. I will be covering this event in detail in a subsequent episode of my Evergreen documentary
Evergreen had its flaws before he arrived, but as Iโ€™ve shown in my (ongoing) documentary, he empowered radical faculty and made justice, rather than education, the central focus of the college.
Also: selective media representation, alt-right boogiemen, absurd theatricality, gaslighting, terror tactics, and lies
, some of my followers wanted me to send you my documentary about a small college that adopted Social Justice as doctrine, and fantastically imploded
If you've got a strong stomach and a few hours to kill, here's Benjamin Boyce's 18-part documentary series on the meltdown at Evergreen State.
Actual self promotion: The above four in this list have much ado with my work on The Evergreen State College, found here
Conversely, it has given ample opportunity for figures public and private to delve into one of the most thoroughly contextualized campus controversies to date
I offer for your consideration a thorough investigation of how her ideas infiltrated and then influenced the implosion of a small liberal arts college in southwestern Washington
This attitudeโ€”more than any otherโ€”is what lead to the Evergreen Spring, enrolling as it did a critical mass of students who couldnโ€™t tell how stupid their revolution was, and faculty too stupid to stop them.
The people who preach white privilege never seem to grasp the outcome of their ideologyโ€”or if they do, they imagine theyโ€™ll be forever ascendant once the world gets sorted along racial lines
There's plenty of parallels, even within the first few episodes (the parallels become stronger when the documentary ventures into what the admin and professoriate were teaching their wards)
You should check out 's series on Evergreen. He has done a very thorough job documenting its collapse.
Someone should make a documentary about a group of such people converging in fury to duke it out for oppression dominanceโ€”in an insulated environment where the loss of inhibitions was encouraged, & everyone has a camera, so their true colors could be seenโ€ฆ