P.S. The most exhaustive chronicling of the Evergreen Meltdown (from long before the riots, up to the present state of affairs) is being done by TESC grad . He is midway through a full series. It is well worth subscribing to and watching
I don't know if you guys are following 's series on the absolutely collective first world problems meltdown that happened at Evergreen State College in 2017, but you guys definitely should
đź“şHere's 's (still ongoing, so please #Subscribe to his #YouTube channel) #playlist on "The Complete #Evergreen Story" (thus far): ...because you haven't heard the whole story, even if you heard the truth.
The Complete Evergreen Story: everything you wanted to know about the most sensational college protest ever to be live-streamed, but were unable to find in one place.
Evergreen had its flaws before he arrived, but as I’ve shown in my (ongoing) documentary, he empowered radical faculty and made justice, rather than education, the central focus of the college.
This attitude—more than any other—is what lead to the Evergreen Spring, enrolling as it did a critical mass of students who couldn’t tell how stupid their revolution was, and faculty too stupid to stop them.
The people who preach white privilege never seem to grasp the outcome of their ideology—or if they do, they imagine they’ll be forever ascendant once the world gets sorted along racial lines