"This is the story of a well-intentioned initiative ambushed from within by a radical minority of activists, whose zealotry threatens to destroy a program set up to help women enter political life."
"To observers, this row offers a reminder that the greatest threats to progressive campaigns come not from the conservative Right, but from their own puritanical fringes."
Love . Unlike others, where they provide snippets that serve the agenda, Quillette actually provides a balanced run down of facts, along with a full video for you to decide for yourself. First time I've not had to leave a site to find full vid
Racialized RadLeft's common language keeps empowering aggro sorts to blow up lib-controlled orgs - unis, nonprofits, prof'l assoc'ns, US House. Becs "equity." This recent case involves a non-partisan org dedicated to engaging more young women in #cdnpoli