He’s a journalist, . Language like this is deliberately used to minimise what really happened: that a high profile leftwing member of the press was attacked by far-right thugs.
Owen Jones 'kicked in head' in London street attack
Sending my best wishes after he was attacked and badly assaulted last night. What a thing to happen when all you're doing is celebrating your birthday. I hope the thugs are brought to justice.
This is completely unacceptable and deeply concerning.
The question is, why was a 12 year-old out at 2am?
Britain’s Jussie Smollett emerges. What’s the bet this incident unfolds as a pretty typical late night bar fight? It’s Islington ffs. Hardly a known haunt of the “far right”. Also Jones has refused to condemn violence b54 so maybe they were HIS fans?
Labour activist Owen Jones attacked in street