UPDATED story: More assaults by Antifa. The Portland police have declared a civil disturbance and attempted to enforce an order to disperse, but were unsuccessful and had to retreat. #PortlandProtest
Right now is reporting that violence didn't happen at the #PortlandProtest . WTF. We have video evidence of multiple assaults
A woman on just said that Antifa were “peaceful protestors looking to safeguard their city” What. The. Fuck.
#BREAKING: Violence has broken out on the streets of #Portland this afternoon as #Antifa and right-wing groups came face-to-face, with Antifa assaulting numerous people. #PortlandProtest #ppbalert
Hmm. reports that today in Portland was peaceful. Here’s our updated story with evidence of multiple assaults by Antifa: #PortlandProtest
Here's Rep. Deb Haaland (Dem) of New Mexico on referring to Antifa as "peaceful protestors working to safeguard their city from domestic terrorism" You can view some of their "peaceful protests" here:
BREAKING: Violence in Portland as Antifa assaults numerous people