When reading the Drugs & disease section of ‘operation Yellowhammer’ striking that Govt deliberately plans to unleash this chaos just as NHS enters its busiest six months. Not so much ‘do or die’ but for some #DoAndDieBrexit #operationchaos
A no-deal Brexit is expected to cause heavy disruption to the UK’s supply of medicines, and the government concedes in the Yellowhammer document that it “will . . . not be practical to stockpile products to cover expected delays of up to six months”
A logjam at the ports could make insulin and flu vaccines go out of date in a no-deal Brexit - fears set out in the government's own planning docs. Me with
Horrifying reality of #BorisJohnsons ‘do or die’ #Brexit revealed in government #YellowHammer leak: “#Patients with #diabetes and #children suffering from #cancer are among those who risk being hit by drugs shortages” | The Sunday Times