Let me get this straight. An NHS nurse who is an EU national and happens to be on holiday won’t be able to get back into the UK? Are you serious? What an absolute disgrace of a government. Boris Johnson should be ashamed of himself.
These are our nurses, doctors, midwives, care-workers, teachers, farm-workers, scientists, academics. They’re our friends, colleagues, neighbours, parents, grandparents. And we’re saying: fuck right off and if you're out of the country on 1st Nov, tough.
EU27 citizens contributing to the UK & those still wanting to visit, in the event of a catastrophic no deal, deserve more certainty & advance information than this. Another reason why a disorderly Brexit would be reckless & shouldn't be normalised.
Free movement for EU citizens will end on day 1 of #NoDealBrexit under new plans despite warnings of chaos & people who have lived, loved & contributed to the UK being in legal limbo. Shameful #HostileEnvironment 2
Why are we EU citizens calling ending Freedom of movement on November 1st reckless politics? Afterall, it should only affect EU citizens arriving after Oct 31st. A thread... 1/
So if a Firefighter who's an EU national leaves the country on holiday with their family after 31st October, they will be denied re-entry? If this happens to a single one of our comrades, then expect a response.
I am speechless. Guess the next time I leave the UK after October 31st, it'll have to be for good. UK to end freedom of movement for EU citizens on day one of Brexit
This is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.
Home Secretary, Priti Patel wants to end freedom of movement for EU citizens entering the UK from day 1 of Brexit - despite no alternative arrangements being put in place. On so many different levels, this is wrong.
Hi , I see you want to end freedom of movement immediately on 31 Oct if there is no-deal. So how can I come home to the UK on 1 Nov? There is no way to tell me, an EU citizen who’s lived in the UK for 10+ years, apart from a new arrival. 1/
This was the Vote Leave pledge signed by & in June 2016. The Gov needs to urgently clarify why it is now planning to end freedom of movement for EU citizens on Oct 31st. #nomandate
We must DEMAND a #RecallNow And don’t any Brexiter dare tell me this is what you voted for...
Back in the constituency office today after a holiday. This will be top of my in-tray. In Scotland we value the contribution of our #EU citizens. These crazy proposals are yet another reason why #independence is needed #Brexit #indyref2
Freedom of movement is a powerful gift enabling us all to live, love and work in 27 other countries. EU citizens in the UK as well as UK citizens abroad have been in fear of this kind of statement for the last 3 years. Migrant rights must be protected.
The UK Govt is hell bent on ending Freedom of Movement on Oct 31st. Not thorough Parliament but via secondary legislation. Without protecting the rights of EU citizens in the UK first. This is reckless & opens the door to widespread discrimination.
Home Office to cause fastest growth in support for Scottish independence in one single month ever!! 👇
There’s some confusion building already on Patel’s very unhelpful announcement that the UK will end freedom of movement for EU citizens on day one of Brexit, under new government plan. Let’s break this down...
As it stands, if I go on holiday after 31st October there is absolutely no system in place to guarantee that I’d be allowed back in to the UK. To my home, to my family. If you voted for Brexit, if you still support Brexit, this is what you’re doing.
UK seeks to end freedom of movement for EU citizens on day one of Brexit Disgraceful attack on our fellow citizens to grab a media headline that fits with government’s appalling xenophobic posture Disturbing that Patel threatens to bypass Parliament
If only the Home Office had this anti-migrant energy when Priti Patel’s parents left Uganda.
Bastard #conservatives Get them out hong kong style ??
More performative viciousness. More right-wing virtue signalling. In a government of utter dregs, Priti Vacant is a special kind of odious.
We are stuck with a petty, vindictive and childish government. - This is no way to run a country - This is no way to treat our friends and neighbours - This #BrexitShambles has to be stopped #RevokeArticle50 #StopBrexitSaveBritain
UK to end freedom of movement for EU citizens on day one of Brexit
The IMMEDIATE loss of #FOM will effect EU citizens in the UK, UK citizens in the EU, and UK citizens working between the UK/EU - to the point of being an ILLEGAL resident/worker in some cases. To play with lives like this is truly abhorrent. #RevokeA50
So...were we to visit the German family at half term, Mrs A wouldn't be allowed back into the UK. FFS. No doubt her NHS patients (all clinic slots currently fully booked 5-6 weeks ahead) would be delighted. Yaay #Brexit!
Hundreds of thousands of EU citizens in the UK have not got Settled Status yet, the expectation was there was a transition period in which FoM rules prevail at least until a new immigration system is in place. This means total chaos and it’s dangerous too
Man, fuck Priti Patel. This is performative, impractical, and straight up ridiculous.
This is either ludicrous bravado or a serious attempt to destroy the working economy Either way I find it hard to see how this person is suited to public office and the protection of our nation’s best interests, remain or leave it’s bonkers
UK to end freedom of movement for EU citizens on day one of Brexit, under new government plan | The Independent Incompetent
#UK to end freedom of movement for #EU citizens on day one of #Brexit – despite warnings of chaos and of people trapped in legal limbo.🤮(How does the beautiful #Yellowhammer deserve to give his name to this political suicide, btw?)
Wrong policy. Home Secretary knows will not make borders safe, will put in legal limbo and undermine our global standing. So just don’t do it.
" believes she can act through secondary legislation, in a way that would bypass MPs of all parties who would oppose it." None of these Br*xiter fundamentalists actually believe in that parliamentary sovereignty they pretended to care about.
And all because of the Brussels bureaucracy! (not!) #brexit