My latest piece for . I explain why I disagree with 's ideas on belief, expressed in conversation with on . 💌
Can We Make Ourselves Believe? 's account of the letter exchange between and for .
. weighs in on my conversation with on re whether or not one can choose their beliefs.
You cannot FORCE yourself into believing the proposition that it is impossible to choose your own beliefs. In this essay, however, provides some pretty compelling arguments. Her take on my letter exchange with . .
I have my own, eclectic column where I showcase conversations from : recent topics have included free will, fascism & Antifa, the nature of memory & evolutionary biology. Here’s a taster
I have written an article on this exchange, for
The thing about the injunction to #BelieveWomen for me is that belief is not voluntary. I will believe a woman if I find her story convincing—it's not a choice. I've written a piece about this. For my 💌column at .
I have a weekly series of articles on the topics of letter exchanges. The latest is here
It would be quite dangerous if we had the ability to choose our beliefs at will, picking the ones that are most comforting. Evolution doesn’t care about our sense of comfort. It wants us to pay attention to reality, especially when reality is terrifying.